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Preparing Your Planner for the New Semester

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When I am getting ready for a semester the first thing I do is prepare my planner. By adding your syllabuses, the academic calendar and more, I am able to see everything at a glance which is great as it helps me feel confident and excited about the semester ahead. Having an organized planner helps so much in college, it is so important to success. Just follow these 5 simple steps to get a jump start for an organized semester.  All you need to get started is a planner, pens, and your class syllabus. This year I am using the Simply Yours Day Planner as my go to organization tool.

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5 Tips for a Clean Dorm Room

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of O-Cedar. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it came time to filling out my first roommate application the I made sure I would be paired with a roommate who was organized and clean. I have never been one for being comfortable living in a ‘pigsty’. In no way am I judging that lifestyle, but I find it so easy to become distracted when surrounded by a mess. Thankfully, I was paired up with a group of girls who were on the same page as me when it came to cleanliness.

I have heard and seen so many dorm horror stories where dorm rooms look like a complete mess. I’ve even been in situations where I went to someone’s dorm room to hang out and ended up cleaning their room because of how dirty is was.

The truth is, keeping your dorm room clean does not come easy. You can watch a sparkling dorm room turn into a mess in a matter of days.

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3 Ways to Achieve an Unforgettable Bid Day

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This a guest post from The Staff at GreekYearbook. If you are looking for a photographer for your sorority, look no further than The Greek Yearbook. Did I mention that they offer free professional bid day photography? 

Bid Day is one of the most rewarding days of sorority recruitment! Recruitment can be a long process, but I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Bid Day will be the day you finally get to join your new sisterhood! For all my active sorority members, planning the perfect bid day is crucial. It is important to welcome the next generation into your chapter with arms wide open. Below are three ways to help your chapter achieve the perfect Bid Day!

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Step Seven: Pink

Dorm DIY: Paint Swatch Rainbow Wall

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Warning: This post contains lots of color! 🙂

During the summer before college, I spent hours on Pinterest looking up cute ways to decorate a dorm room. I wanted my room to be unique and special compared to others over the summer. I came across pictures of a rainbow paint swatch wall and I fell in love. Soon after meeting my roommates over Facebook, I told them about this idea and they were ecstatic. We agreed, that we would find a blank wall in our room and spend some roommate bonding time decorating it.

Follow these steps/ tips and you can have your very own paint swatch rainbow wall!

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5 Tips for Surviving Online College Courses

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Are you taking an online course this summer like me? There are many advantages and good reasons for taking an online course. I am taking one from a local community college to lighten my course load during the fall semester. Others take online courses because you can attend school in your pajamas, it is less expensive and you have more freedom. But with lots of freedom, comes a lot of responsibility.

Here are some tips to succeed in your online course:

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Camp Counselor

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This summer is going  to be my 5th year as a summer camp counselor and it has been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of my life. I honestly feel like being a camp counselor is something that every person should experience at some point in their life because you learn so much about your self and so learn so many life experiences.

I could come up with a thousand reasons to convince you why you should be a camp counselor, but today, Delaney, and I are going to tell you 10 reasons why you should be a camp counselor this summer.

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Reach Your Semester Goals with StudySoup

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If you are anything like me, you set semester goals that you want to successfully reach by the end of the semester. This semester two of my goals are, achieving a higher GPA and staying on a tighter budget/ saving money. What if I told you there was a way you could do both, with out any extra effort? You are in luck because we have a guest post from Courtney, a Marketing and Operations Intern at StudySoup, who is going to share this awesome resource with you.

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Simply Yours Day Planner Review

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Planners. Just hearing that word brings joy to my heart. I love them. The fact that I can become organized by color-coding and tracking everything in a planner just makes life so much easier.

But when it comes to finding that perfect planner, it is close to impossible. There are so many different types and layouts out there that it is so hard to pick what kind of planner is best for you. Just this school year, I have already gone through 3 planners trying to find the best fit for me.

Just when I was about to give up on finding a perfect planner, I learned about the Simply Yours Day Planner. Let me just tell you, with just a week of using it, I felt like I was finally able to piece my life back together and be on the right track once again.

With that being said, I am here to give you the Simply Yours Day Planner review.

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Staying on Top of College Courses


There is always that point in the semester where things get crazy. Days which used to be short and easy become long and exhausting. We have midterms, essays, and class projects that are all going on at the same time. With all the due dates and presentations, it is really easy to fall behind in certain classes. To be honest, I am in this situation right now and here is what  I am doing to combat it:

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Pop in a Box: Review!

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 I received this product free of charge for testing purposes.  Click here to learn about how you can get 20% off your first order at Pop in the Box!

Hi, my name is Tori and I am a Funko Pop! addict. Yup! That’s right, I collect Funko Pop figures. My collection started a little over a year ago and now I have about 40 figures (and that number keeps going up). It has gotten to the point where I have begun to run out of room in my small college dorm room.

Recently, I heard about a subscription service called Pop In a Box and I knew that I had to give it a shot. Each month you can have up to six random Pops sent straight to your door. Pop in a Box guarantees that you will never get a duplicate or a Pop you do not want.

How does this work, you might ask?

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