Since second semester just started, it is safe to say that I have gotten to know my roommates pretty well.  We have lived in the same living quarters for several months and we all thought it would be fun to film a video together answering some of these questions in a Roommate Questionnaire Video:


  • Which roommate studies the most?
  • Which roommate is the pickiest eater?
  • Who is the loudest out of everyone?
  • Who is the most dramatic?
  • Who is the most responsible?
  • Who is the early bird?
  • Who is the most flirtatious?
  • Who has the best style?
  • Who is the biggest hoarder?
  • (Plus several more..)

Watch us answer the questions and then give a little insight to why we picked that roommate!

P.S. In the video from left to right is: Nikki, Dani, Emily and myself. Dani is my actual roommate, who I share a room with, and Emily and Nikki are our suite mates. This video is was filmed in our joint living room.

I hope you enjoyed the video. We had a blast making it! Have you done something like this with your roommate(s)? It is a great roommate bonding activity!

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.32.33 PM

Roommate Questionnaire Video
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