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Today is my best friends birthday BUT I do not get to be with her to celebrate it since we go to different colleges. I still wanted to celebrate and send her love so I decided to send her a Birthday Present Care Package.

Melanie will be turning 19. To make this gift as fun as possible, I bought and individually wrapped 19 gifts for each birthday she has had. I thought this was going to be difficult to accomplish but thanks to Target, it was as easy as can be. Melanie and I both share a love for Target, so I figured it would be the best place to go.

Steps for the perfect birthday care package


Before doing any shopping, I made a list of things to buy. I thought of things I would want in a care package and also things that simply reminded me of Melanie. I came up with a list of 10 things which I figured was a good start. Once I got to Target, I had a lot to decide from. I also went to my schools bookstore because we both had previously talked about buying each other shirts from our own schools. I only bought 18 gifts because I wanted the last gift to be a personal note from me.

Fun fact: Since I am close with her mom, I even texted her asking if Melanie needed anything for her dorm room since she just recently moved in. That was a huge help and sent me in the right direction.

Paper (1)


My aunt did a similar gift like this when I was younger and I totally stole this idea. She took a clip board and numbered all the gifts. I made sure put the gifts I wanted her to open first at the top and the ones I wanted her to save for last at the bottom. This will come in handy later.

Above is not what the final list ended up looking like because I ended up drawing pictures of the gifts I bought in the empty white space.

Paper (2)

This part is super simple. I took 19 index cards, I picked different colors so it could be more fun. and traced circles onto them. Next, I cut them all out. Finally, I put a the numbers 1-19 on each one. Now each index card belongs to the gift that is associated with that number on the clipboard.

Paper (3)

Now that all the gifts are bought and the numbers are prepared. It is time to wrap up the gift. I had to be extra careful and make sure that I put the correct number with the correct gift. Also, I made the clipboard number 17 on the list, so I made sure I saved that one for last so I would not forget what comes after it. Also, I made sure that I switched between colors on the tissue paper so I had a nice arrangement of colors.

Paper (6)


The last step is to place all the gifts in the package. It is important to make sure that the bigger numbers are placed at the bottom and the 1 is on the top. This just makes it easier so she knows which one to open first. I made sure there was tissue paper for padding and to make the inside of the box look nice. Before closing it, I left a note saying, “Open on your birthday,” AND, “Open gifts up in order!”

Then. you take the package to the mail center, and the Birthday Present Care package is off and on its way.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.32.33 PM


PS. Happy 19th Birthday Melanie <3 Have a fabulous day!

Birthday Present Care Package

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  • October 20, 2015 at 6:55 pm

    Tori, I love these. I have a brother serving a mission and this gave me some great ideas for the next package I send him. Thanks!


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