At my college I am a Peer Advisor, a mentor to the incoming First Year college students. I went through several training sessions before the arrival of the new students so I could be equipped with the best knowledge to be a mentor.  One topic we taught about was time management and on the power point presentation the app, 30/30 was considered the best time management apps to use in college. I quickly scribbled the name down and downloaded it once I got back to my dorm.

Once I downloaded it, I instantly thought this would be an awesome app to review. I partnered up with Merisa’s over at Monogrammed Magnolias. Over on her blog she reviewed Eisenhower. So make sure to go check her review out!

Before we begin I thought it would be a good idea to show you what the app look liked. I had a feeling that it was going to be a fun and easy app to use by simply looking at it: 


As a person who usually manages time by the length of a Netflix show, this is a big step up for me. When you download 30/30, you can get started right away. You do not need create or log into an account which is already helping you manage your time better.

One quick thing about me: when it comes to “To-do lists,” I tend to hyper focus on one thing and forget about all the other things on my list. This app, really helped me make the switch from task to task with out spending too much time on one thing. This is what one of my to-do list looks like for my morning routine: 


I love the aspect where you can add icons to go along with the task BUT there is a very limited options to pick from. On the flip side, you can add emojis to the front of the description and while it’s not the exact same, it’s still an option. But you still have to pick an icon from the ones they give you also. 

Something super cool, although I’m not too sure if I’ll ever use it is that you can send lists of your tasks through email. For you college students, send your list to your parents, I’m sure it will make them happy to see how productive you are being!

12167919_1177586008922006_1303129132_nThe app it self is very detailed orientated and yet it is super simple at the same time. I LOVE color the color coding aspect. Although there are minimal options for picking a color, it still is one of the perks for creating your tasks.12170583_1177586348921972_773922330_n

One thing I wish the app had and is the ultimate disappointment is the fact that when your phone goes black, if you wake it up, the app does not appear on the home screen. So to find out how much time you have left, you would have to log back on, which does waste time. To fix this, you can simply go to settings and select stay on BUT that can waste battery.The setting list is easy to manage, and simple enough to get the hang of instantly. Personally, having the phone lit up the whole time would distract me and I would want to go on social media and text. This is what the settings look like:12167785_1177586788921928_1456697841_n

After testing out the app, I went to the App Store and looked at the reviews. The reviews were astounding and very similar to what I discovered. Most reviews were 4-5 stars and all agreed it is the “best app for time management.” 


Don’t forget to go check out  Merisa’s review of Eisenhower over at Monogrammed Magnolias.

Then you can decide for your self which productivity app might work the best for you!

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.32.33 PM

30/30 App Review: The Clock Ticks For You!

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