There is always that point in the semester where things get crazy. Days which used to be short and easy become long and exhausting. We have midterms, essays, and class projects that are all going on at the same time. With all the due dates and presentations, it is really easy to fall behind in certain classes. To be honest, I am in this situation right now and here is what  I am doing to combat it:

Find the Perfect Study Spot

ON POINT (4)Call me crazy, but when ever I try to do work at my desk in my dorm room, I just can’t seem to focus and I get no work done. I think it has to do with the fact that there are so many distractions around me. Instead, I found my self feeling way more accomplished studying in the library or even just sitting in Starbucks. Recently, I have found that I can get work done in our newly build Student Union where they private study rooms that are free of distractions. That is probably where I get most of my work done.

No matter the location, having a work space that is optimized for your learning is important. Find a place that works for you and stick to it. Look for somewhere that is free of distractions, generally quiet where you can just lay all your work out on and get down to business.  It is a great feeling when you finish all your school work because you were in a place that you could crack down and accomplish all your work.

Start Homework/ Projects Early

ON POINT (2)Procrastination is a word that every single college student has heard and most likely finds them selves doing when it comes to course work. We all joke around about it, but we all know that is really isn’t worth it in the end. Getting lost or falling behind in class is no fun, that is why it is important to be aware of upcoming assignments. Remember that syllabus that your professor gave you on the first day of class? Well go back and look at all the assignments and when they are due. If you could get a head start on some assignments now, your future self will be very thankful.

Get Some Sleep

ON POINTThis semester, my schedule is pretty crazy. On Mondays, I work until midnight and then I have to get up at 7:45 am the next day. Let me tell you, on Tuesdays, I am not a morning person- mostly because I didn’t get enough sleep. (Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I willingly took a 7:45 am class.) The only reason I survive this hectic schedule is by making sure that I have a normal sleep schedule the whole week. I keep it consistent and I have slowly gotten used to it.

I found that whenever I would go on my computer or scroll endlessly through social media, waking up in the morning is a lot harder. Instead, I put my phone at the foot of my bed and think through my day. It is also a good time just to mentally plan your next day out, that way when you wake up, you already feel prepared to take on your day.

Use YOUR Time Efficiently

ON POINT (1)Sometimes watching Netflix in that 2 hour break in between classes might seem great at the time, you need to ask your self, am I spending my time wisely?  Most of the time, the answer will be no. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for a Netflix break, but make sure all your time does not go into watching a series.

I find that there really is no better time than a break in between courses to get work done. Even if your break is only one to two hours, there is so much you could accomplish that will take work off your back later in the night. I see so many people finally settle down and begin to do work at 9 PM which means they are going to be up way past that. Instead, start earlier and then you can get to sleep faster, which means you will have more energy in the morning to get work done… As you can see, it is an on going cycle.

Eat Well

ON POINT (3)This is something that I have been working pretty hard on this past week. I have found that I typically for breakfast I go grab a bagel and a chocolate Frappuccino and for lunch I will typically have a pizza or quesadilla and fries. There is no heathy factor with any of this and after awhile, I started feeling sick. Now, for morning I made oatmeal and for lunch I try to grab a sandwich and fruit. It is amazing how much better I feel about my day.

Being on a meal plan in college is hard, but we need to keep in mind that this is the time that we are starting to set eating patterns for the rest of our lives. By simply eating healthier, I have been able to feel more confident about my self and also feel more productive with my day. At this point in the semester, stress eating has begun to come into effect but it is important to fight it with all the power you have. Instead of taking an eating break, get up and walk around, drink some water or even just  chew on some sugarless gum.

Hopefully these tips help you get back on track and stay on top of your workload.

What do you do to combat the mid-semester struggle?

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