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Warning: This post contains lots of color! 🙂

During the summer before college, I spent hours on Pinterest looking up cute ways to decorate a dorm room. I wanted my room to be unique and special compared to others over the summer. I came across pictures of a rainbow paint swatch wall and I fell in love. Soon after meeting my roommates over Facebook, I told them about this idea and they were ecstatic. We agreed, that we would find a blank wall in our room and spend some roommate bonding time decorating it.

Follow these steps/ tips and you can have your very own paint swatch rainbow wall!


1. Paint Swatches
2. Tape
3. Patience

The most important part of this project, is collecting the paint swatches. All of my roommates agreed that we would begin collecting swatches from different places. I personally, did not want to take too much at a time as I was nervous what other people would think, so I went back a few times and slowly my collection grew. My roommates went together one last time and collected as many as they could  and soon we were ready to go.

We made sure that we got paint swatches with all the colors of the rainbow and different shades of each. We tried keeping the swatches vibrant as possible. We also grabbed multiple swatches of colors that we really liked! My best advice for collecting the swatches at the store is to remain calm and collected, if you are acting crazy and suspicious, people will give you weird looks. But if you look normal, people will not react strangely. Of course, be careful around workers because they may or may not approve.

The more tape you have for the project the better. We used normal clear scotch tape, but painters tape would have probably been better. Remember that all this tape is going on a white wall, so you want to make sure that what ever tape you use, it will not pull the paint off.

Lastly, you are going to need lots of patience. We started our project at 3:45 PM and ended at 5:20 PM and we had a group of 4 working on it. If you are doing it by yourself, it is going to take so much longer! But either way, the end product is totally worth it.


Once you have all the paint swatches, the next step is to organize the colors. First we separated them in their respective color groups. Then we organized them by the progression of the shades from darkest to lightest. Ex. The red pile started with dark red and transitioned into a red-ish orange that way the darkest orange in the next pile blended right in.

Although sorting out the colors may seem tedious, it was really helpful and saved time in the long run. When it was time to decorate, all we had to do was pick up the paint swatch on the top of the pile, tape it and put it on the wall.


We started on the very bottom right hand corner with the deepest red. We slowly started expanding out and then followed with orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and gray/ white.

When we were taping the back of the swatches, we put one in piece in each corner and one in the middle. We wanted to make sure that they would not fall off since we wanted it to last the whole school year.

Real Warning: The day we put this up, our RA came in to our room to do a fire and safety check and told us that what we just did is against the fire code because it covers up over 50% of the wall. But she said that since it is so cool and pretty she is just going to pretend that she never saw anything. So thankfully we did not have to take it down. But, make sure to check your schools handbook/ rules to see if doing this breaks any rules before continuing.

Below is a slide show of the progression of our rainbow wall!

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After we completed the wall, we were so happy! Our room was unique and different from others! We also got so many complements and people loved what we did. And now, you have a perfect backdrop for colorful photos as seen below:


What creative decoration projects have you done in your dorm room? 
I would love to hear about it!

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.32.33 PM

Dorm DIY: Paint Swatch Rainbow Wall

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