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This a guest post from The Staff at GreekYearbook. If you are looking for a photographer for your sorority, look no further than The Greek Yearbook. Did I mention that they offer free professional bid day photography? 

Bid Day is one of the most rewarding days of sorority recruitment! Recruitment can be a long process, but I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Bid Day will be the day you finally get to join your new sisterhood! For all my active sorority members, planning the perfect bid day is crucial. It is important to welcome the next generation into your chapter with arms wide open. Below are three ways to help your chapter achieve the perfect Bid Day!

  1. Choose an Awesome Theme

Louisiana State University // DG // Delta Gamma

Welcoming your new members home is not complete without the perfect theme! Fun, creative Bid Day themes are always remembered throughout the years! I suggest choosing a theme that incorporates memorable decorations, costumes and props! For example, throw it back to the 90’s with denim overalls and flannels tied around your waist! A lot of chapter’s also choose to play themed music to help welcome in their new sisters. New members will definitely remember hearing the Friends theme song as they run towards their chapter house for the first time! If you aren’t feeling the throwback, head into the future and get out of this world with a galaxy theme. You can dress in fun metallics and rock Milky Way inspired tanks! Whatever theme you choose, go big or go home! Incorporating an impressive theme into your sorority Bid Day is sure to be remembered!

  1. Capture the Moment

    Butler AXO
    Butler University // AXO // Alpha Chi Omega

Bid Day only happens one or two times a year and goes by in a blink of an eye! It is very important to capture all the fun while it is happening. Make Bid Day photography a MUST when planning your Bid Day activities. Renting a photobooth and playing with props is a great way to interact with the new members all while capturing the special moments! Don’t forget to snap some candids! There is nothing better than scrolling through social media to find your feed filled with images of all your new sisters enjoying this special day!

  1. Don’t Let the Party Stop

    LSU DG 2
    Louisiana State University // DG // Delta Gamma

Don’t let your Bid Day festivities end too early; carry out the celebration throughout the day and night! Treat your new members to a sisterhood dinner or plan a day trip to a local amusement park. Making Bid Day full of different activities is a great way to introduce your new members to every sister! Including them in several outings will help make your new members feel comfortable – plus there is no better way to learn more about your new sorority sisters than now! Bid day is such a special moment and since it happens so infrequently, be sure to make the best of every moment and cherish these memorable times!

Written by: The Staff at GreekYearbook

I hope you enjoyed this guest post! Since my college does not have sororities, this was a great topic to have a guest post for!

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3 Ways to Achieve an Unforgettable Bid Day

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