During my Freshman year of college, I started setting semester goals for my self. Since there are 15 weeks in a semester, I would make 15 goals to accomplish by the end of the semester. Then, I would share the results on my blog which I found held me accountable to follow through with the goals.

I find it very important to set goals for yourself because they give you focus. By creating a goal, it will give you direction to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Also, goals help you measure your progress, which is great for comparing your progress from start to end. With so much going on, it is so easy to procrastinate, which is why my goals help me stay on task and keep me accountable. And lastly, goals help give yourself inspiration and motivation. This is why I find it so important to set goals each semester!

I start my spring semester soon, so I thought it would be a great idea to share my 15 goals with the world! So here we go:

1. Make my bed every morning 

I have a bad habit of leaving my bed in a messy heap every morning after I wake up. I would love to take a minute out of my morning and accomplish my first task of the day. Making your bed is correlated with better productivity so I figured why not start there. Also, I love crawling into a perfectly made bed at the end of the night!

2.Eat more fruit, veggies and protein 

Since moving into an apartment styled dorm, I have developed an interesting diet. And by that I mean, eating frozen pizza’s from Trader Joe’s and other frozen foods. But it’s from Trader Joe’s so it must be healthy right? Wrong. This is my vow to eating healthier and it all starts with sticking to a shopping list with healthy foods.

3. Create a craft book

Over the last few years of working at a summer camp, I have collected plenty of crafts, all of which I love dearly. It is time to throw them away but I want to remember them some how. My plan is to take a picture of all the crafts, and make a little booklet of them to remember everything I created. I will get it printed and bound at the Print Shop at my college.

4. Attend the Zumba class EVERY week

Sophomore year I attended a Zumba class that was a part of the fitness classes my school offered. Last semester, I was unable to attend Zumba to class and club meeting conflicts but now my schedule has opened up! There are two classes offered every week so I am going to aim at going at least once a week.

5. Use my planner to stay organized

Some how I survived last semester with out a planner. Don’t ask me how but I did. I would like to change that because I feel like my life will be less chaotic and more organized with it. No more ‘trying to remember from the top of my head’ business. I already have a color coding system prepared.. I’m ready!

6. Post on this blog at least once a month

So incase you haven’t noticed, the last time I posted was in August. Which means I took a whole semester off. This wasn’t planned and was on accident. I simply did not put time aside to work on it. But that is going to change this semester. I have spent some time writing up some posts over break so I have content to work with already.

7. Practice Guitar and Learn A Song

This has been on my semester goals ever since I got my guitar. I am hoping to set time aside with my boyfriend Josh to learn how to play. I know the basic chords, but it has been siting in my room untouched for a whole semester and I want that to change.

8. Care about my appearance

I really want to take the time this semester to ‘try’ with my appearance. I want to stop wearing yoga pants to class and only use them to work out in. I want to wear make up more than just on special occasions. Instead of just brushing my hair in the morning, I wan’t to do something cute with it. This is not to impress anyone but myself, and make my sef feel good.

9. Get into Photography

Recently I have been feeling a need to purchase a DSLR camera. I joined my Her Campus photography team to give me an opportunity to practice taking pictures and be surrounded with people who I can learn from. I hope to take up this new hobby to help enhance my blog photos and try something new.

10. Study for the CBEST during the semester 

This summer I am taking the CBEST, which stands for California Basic Educational Skills Test. I need to pass this test in order to become a teacher! I would love to spend even just an hour a week practicing problems in my work book. Bonus points if I can create a study group through Club Teach and work with a group of people.

11. Apply for a Scholarship

I have found a few scholarships that I am eligible for and I should set time aside to apply. Last year I missed out on a scholarship opportunity that I was almost guaranteed to win, and I don’t want that to happen again.

12. Keep a positivity journal

I really want to focus on being positive in 2017 so when i came across a blog post about keeping a positivity journal, I knew I just had to do it. I want a place where I can put any thing good from my day, quotes that make me happy or give me inspiration and just anything encouraging. I think this will be therapeutic time for me to just sit down and write away.

13. Meet with my peer students individually

During the fall semester, I had a group of 15 girls that I mentored. We would meet in a classroom each Tuesday for Freshman Seminar, which is a class to help first year students learn how to survive college. We will not be meeting weekly during the spring semester, so I promised each one of them that I would meet with them to talk about everything going on and even help them plan their next semester.

14. Drink more water

Something  I need to do more of is drink more water, I leave my dorm room at 9 AM and I don’t get back until after dinner sometimes. I go that whole entire time with out any water. To fix this, I just need to carry around my water bottle any and everywhere I go!

15. Meet with career services and create a resume 

I just realized that the last time I created a resume was in high school. I have been lucky enough to have jobs where a resume was not required, but I think it is important that I start updating it. Since I have a lot I can put on my resume, I want to meet with career services so they can tell me how to prioritize and narrow down my resume.

Well there you have it! These are the 5 goals I hope to accomplish by the end of the semester.


What kind of goals did you set for your self this semester or year? 

Spring Semester Goals

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  • January 23, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    Keep up the good work Tori.


    Grandpa H.


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