I’ll admit it, I LOVE syllabus week. It is my favorite time of the semester. New faces, new books, fresh school supplies, the feeling of happiness as friends reconnect is all in the air. Teachers are friendly and I get a new sense of motivation for the semester. While syllabus week seems simple and easy, it is so easy to fall behind if you do not take the right steps to prepare. Here is what you can do to get you semester of success off to a good start:

Print out your syllabus

I go to a small college where professors will print and hand out copies for you on the first day of class. But, I understand that it is not like that everyone. I think it is so important having a physical copy because you can write all over it and have easy access to it. Also, I find that if it is just online, you might miss important information because you just scanned your eyes over the screen.

Read them throughly

Grab a highlighter and read through your syllabus. Anything that is important to remember or know, highlight it. This can include, attendance policies as they are different for every class, quiz and t
est dates, presentations, and even extra credit opportunities. During the first class, make sure you have the syllabus by your side and add any extra notes that the professor talks about.

Import big dates into your planner

The next step is to bring out your planner and write any important test or presentation dates in the month or weekly section. Once you do this for all of your classes, you will be able to tell which weeks you have multiple things do and others where you having nothing huge. This is also good for planning in advance! Sometimes you want to plan a road trip, or just go to Disneyland for a day. When you have a view of your semester at a glance, you will know when your course load allows it.

Create an assignment schedule or calendar

credit: http://danidearest.com/

My friend and roommate, Dani at Dani Dearest, has had amazing success with creating an assignment schedule each semester. She has gotten an abundance of positive feedback regarding the idea.

I have used both the assignment schedule and calendar idea’s with my own twist! Some how I survived last semester with out my planner, and I think it had to do with my use of an assignment calendar!

Check out how to make a assignment schedule here!

Check out how to make an assignment calendar here!

While I am on the subject, you should sign up for Dani’s 5 day email course that will set you up for success in your new classes of the semester, and best of all.. it’s FREE!

Put everything in a folder

What I started doing last semester carrying around a 5 tab report cover in my backpack which each class having its own tab. This worked out perfectly for me because all I had to do was pull out the folder and I had easy access to what I needed. It is simple and small. Before the first tab, this is where I put my assignment calendar, where I could look at important dates at a quick glance.

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2 thoughts on “Using your Syllabus for Success

  • January 17, 2017 at 11:09 am

    Hi Tori! All of these syllabus tips are super helpful – I normally don’t print out my syllabi, but I think I will start doing that this semester so that I can keep track of all of my classes with something tangible. Love this post and your blog!

  • January 23, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    this is soooooo helpful! i am so excited for this semester. i ordered the avademic planner from erin condren.


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