Today we have a guest post from, Rana Tarakji an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Beirut Lebanon, who is going to share a story about a car accident that changed her life.

Stay tuned at the end of Rana’s story for safe driving tips from me!

I recently got into a car accident with a delivery man on a motorcycle. He was coming in the wrong direction of the road, right in the middle of a small road on the way to my hairdresser, I wasn’t going slow to be completely honest, but then again, I never would have expected a man on a motorcycle to be coming at me on the wrong side of the road right in the middle of it, as I was turning left onto that street… My car crashed hard into him, I kept pressing the breaks but the car kept moving forward at a slower but shocking speed. “Why wasn’t the car halting at once like it usually did? “I thought to myself, my face now yellow with fear. “Please don’t let him get critically hurt or even worse, die…” I found these thoughts all rushing into my head at once.

Thankfully the car finally came to a halt, crashing into the bike just enough to make it fall and for the man to be pushed out of the motorcycle, but thank god my car did not run him over. As I sat for a few seconds inside the car while the man fell on the ground along with his bike, I thought to myself “he’s not dead, I didn’t run over him.. Things will be ok”.

I got out of my car as everyone on the street rushed to help the man up and to make sure things are ok. I was furious at the man for breaking the law and putting me in such a situation where I was at a risk to critically injure him. I talked to him to make sure he was ok, he talked about his leg hurting but I saw him stand up on both, so I knew none of them was broken.

Finally, after calling the right people and taking the man to the hospital, things turned out ok, all he had was a shock in his knee and our insurance companies would cover all of the damage.

I couldn’t stop thinking that this all happened because of my rush to go to the hairdresser before it closed… I was at risk of putting a man’s life in danger because of something as silly as my hair. Yes, the man was legally and ethically at fault, but I should have been driving slower in such as small street…

That car accident chaned my life, from that moment on, I spend a few weeks not wanting to drive and being overly careful when I did (I was really slow and looked in all directions before making a move left or right). The biggest awakening was the realization that the stress and hurry of life is not worth hurting yourself and others, and sometimes we do without realizing it. My stressful job and long hours at work had taken time and patience away from me and it was starting to cause a danger to my life… Furthermore, it was depriving me of the ability to enjoy life.

Author: Rana Tarakji

 Save Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

1. Always keep your eyes on the road and scan intersections.

2. Never use your cell phone; especially for texting and calling.

3. Make sure you are following the speed limit and flow of traffic.

4. Beware of your blind spots.

5. Drive with proper hand positions.

6. Never drink and drive.

7. Always wear your seatbelt.

8. Pay attention to all signs and lights on the road.

9. Use your turn signals.

10. When driving at night, make sure your headlights are on.

Thank you Rana for sharing your story with us. Hopefully your story will help us realize how we need to stop and enjoy the little things in life instead of always being in a hurry. Don't forget to follow the rules of the road when driving!

How A Bad Car Accident Changed My Life For The Better

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