Simply Yours Day Planner Review

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Planners. Just hearing that word brings joy to my heart. I love them. The fact that I can become organized by color-coding and tracking everything in a planner just makes life so much easier.

But when it comes to finding that perfect planner, it is close to impossible. There are so many different types and layouts out there that it is so hard to pick what kind of planner is best for you. Just this school year, I have already gone through 3 planners trying to find the best fit for me.

Just when I was about to give up on finding a perfect planner, I learned about the Simply Yours Day Planner. Let me just tell you, with just a week of using it, I felt like I was finally able to piece my life back together and be on the right track once again.

With that being said, I am here to give you the Simply Yours Day Planner review.


Staying on Top of College Courses


There is always that point in the semester where things get crazy. Days which used to be short and easy become long and exhausting. We have midterms, essays, and class projects that are all going on at the same time. With all the due dates and presentations, it is really easy to fall behind in certain classes. To be honest, I am in this situation right now and here is what  I am doing to combat it:


Pop in a Box: Review!

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 I received this product free of charge for testing purposes.  Click here to learn about how you can get 20% off your first order at Pop in the Box!

Hi, my name is Tori and I am a Funko Pop! addict. Yup! That’s right, I collect Funko Pop figures. My collection started a little over a year ago and now I have about 40 figures (and that number keeps going up). It has gotten to the point where I have begun to run out of room in my small college dorm room.

Recently, I heard about a subscription service called Pop In a Box and I knew that I had to give it a shot. Each month you can have up to six random Pops sent straight to your door. Pop in a Box guarantees that you will never get a duplicate or a Pop you do not want.

How does this work, you might ask?


20 Things I Am Thankful For

summer deals!20 years ago today I was born into this world… which means, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! For those wondering, having your birthday during the school week at college can be pretty anti climatic because to everyone else it is just a normal day. I have class, work and meetings to go to. As I am writing this, I don’t even know what my plan is for celebrating. I guess that really does mean that I am growing up.

Since it is my 20th birthday, I wanted to take the time and list 20 things that I am thankful for. This list is in no particular order and contains silly, fun, and serious things I am thankful for.


Spring Semester 2016 Goals

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At the beginning of every semester, I like to create a list of goals that I hope to accomplish by the end of the semester. It is my hope that by sharing the list with you, it will hold me accountable and I will work harder to achieve the results I want. Last semester I came up with 15 goals for 15 weeks of the semester.

I feel like 15 goals really set the bar too high for me and I wasn’t able to focus and grow in each area as I wanted too. In result, this semester I am only setting 5 goals for my self so I really can hold my self accountable. So I guess that means I am setting 5 goals for 5 months!

Since my spring semester started this week, it is time to decide my goals…


5 Tips for Starting a New Semester

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The time has come to  transition into the new semester which means it is time to settle down and prepare for what we have ahead. I have found that the best way to have a successful semester is to be prepared and organized before classes get too crazy. The first week of school is actually my favorite part of the semester. Who doesn’t love syllabus week?You get to meet knew people and make new friends, and the assignments always seem to be simple and laid back. There is usually excitement in the air the first week, but important to be prepared for when that excitement dwindles and the reality of the semester reveals itself.

Here are 5 tips that have helped me ease my way into a new semester and ultimately remain successful:


Common College Textbook Questions Answered

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As a mentor to incoming students at college, I get many questions involving textbooks and there are always many different ways to answer them because it all depends on preference. In high school, we never had to buy next books and now all of a sudden, we have to figure out how to acquire them on our own. There are several different factors that go into buying textbooks and it vary’s by person. The one thing I noticed, is that there is a common trend when it comes down to certain preferences.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a some of the most commonly asked questions I get and invite a few of my trusted college friends to answer them. This post features answers from Dani at Dani Dearest: a college blogger who I just so happen to go to school with. I would highly suggest checking out her blog in your spare time. We also have some statements from Melanie, a friend for over 6 years, Nikki, one of my roommates from last year and Josh, my boyfriend.

With that being said, lets get started:


5 Lessons I Learned From Student Teaching

summer deals! (6)I am an Interdisciplinary Educational Students major with a minor in Psychology. If you are wondering what that means, in short, I want to be an elementary school teacher. This semester I took a class called ‘Career Decisions in Teaching.’ This class was extremely eye-opening for me and rigorous because it required 30+ hours of observation in a classroom.

I have a placement at an amazing charter school that has incredible students and teachers. I have been doing my hours at this school for about a year now, and I could not be happier with my results. In Career Decisions, my professor asked us to do a final reflection. We had to come up with five things we had learned from working in the classroom. Although it was hard to narrow down, here are the five things I learned:

  1. I learned how important it is to build a relationship with my mentor teacher.

The best advice you can ever get about teaching, can only come straight from a teacher. In my placement, I have learned so much from my mentor. She tells me all the great things to look forward to and the things I am going to have to look out for. By creating this relationship, I know she trusts me with her students and with whatever task she gives me.  All the teachers welcomed me into the teacher’s lounge during lunch, and that is where I was able to understand all the hard work and behind the scenes that go into teaching. Instead of treating me like an observer, the teachers included me in the conversation, which meant so much to me. The thing that made me the happiest, was when they told me, “Teaching will be hard, but it is going to be the most rewarding thing you will ever get to experience.” I can not wait to continue going to this school and working side by side with my mentor teacher.

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